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To my beloved.

I hope you'll read this someday.

I just saw your blog, your post. And i know how much you're hurt by what she said. I know she constantly picks on you and singling you out for minute reasons. But i hope you really understand her position. It may seems like she's always favouring me. But guess what? More often than not, i feel that she favours you. It seems illogical. But that's the fact. Both of them, he and she, always try giving you whatever you want. Its not that you're not in their good books, but maybe those past things you did, had a great impact on them. Self-refelction here may help, dear. I'm sorry if this appears blunt and unfeeling, but i would like you to know that we know most of the lies you made. Sometime, she finds out about those lies, but she just keep quiet. Why? Because she doesnt want to suspect you. But in return, we saw more lies coming. Naturally the level of trust goes down. 

Since young, more attention was paid to you. Remember those birthday presents he gave you, i never received any from him. Up till today. He even gave you his phone and did not ask for it back. Others remembers your birthday, but they rarely remember mine. You're alwys compared to beautiful things, gorgeous people. But I'm being compared to less-than-the-average kind of thiings, and even ugly people. What i went through when i was young, was far much more painful. The blatant biaseness, hurtful discrimination, you have no idea. Because you get to bask in the limelight. And i'm sure you can see it up till today.

You're hurt, i know. But believe me, deep down that anger they still love you very much. Very much. I was hurt too, by things they did, but i guess thats becomes quite a routine already. They hurt me, i get angry, sometimes i cry too. But i give myself an hour to mull over it, then get on with more important things in my life.

Putting aside your bitchiness(haha), just know that, i will love you no matter what happens.


Ive decided to change my url. Sick of this one. Those who wants the new add, please ask me! :D But then again, i may not give it to you! Ahahah!


AQUARIUS - The One that Waits
Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now.(I wonder whoooooo! HAHAHA!) Always Wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Beautiful. Goofy. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please(SO TRUE!). The one and only. 


Eh twin i have yours toooooo!

SCORPIO - Aggressive.
Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. One of a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on earth(Since i'm your twin, i guess it applies to me too! HAHA)!

Happy girl :D

Okay so, I'm really tired. I reached home at like an hour ago. Went out with Jim, class bbq and Queensway.

Met Jims at noon and went to Cityhall. Planned to eat Gelare at first. But then we kinda missed eating KFC. So we ate KFC instead and its cheaper anyway. And its been a long time since i last ate Bandito because dunno why some outlets just dun sell banditos. So yeah. It was a good lunch. 

Then we walked around. Topshop, Diva, Ripcurl, Quicksilver, Molecule and many many more. And i went to this random shop and saw the lego necklace! OMG! Ive been searching for it for soooooooo long. And i finally found it. Contemplated a while whether or not to buy it. But bought it in the end because i kind figured out that if din get it then, i would probably not find it anywhere else. And besides, it was on offer! So yeeeeeeah. I bought it. And im happy! Jims got her earrings too! So i guess, we are happy people today!

So then left Cityhall at like 4.45. Obviously i was late for BBQ. Met Twin and Josh halfway. They accompanied me to Katrina's house. So awwwwwww. Haha. Then i was walking in with Fir. We got lost. And then we realsed we had to walk the other way, which was to walk the entire length of HJC, DAAAAAAAAAMN long la. HJC IS LIKE HUGEx1234567890. But we made it to Kat's condo in the end. So yeah everybody else was there alr. Helped out in the BBQ. Ate noodles and stuff. Took pictures. Yeah.

Then left to meet Twin and Josh again. Went to Queensway. And walked around. Josh got his shorts. Those two got their ID bands. I took two of twin's band and forgot to return it back when i went home. HAHA oops! More walking around and then left.

So i'm pretty happy my day was spent nicely. When i reached home, i realised i have quite alot of things. I have like 5 bags, 5 handbags, 5 wallet, 6 bracelets, a whole load of earrings and like 4rings(excluding those i lost) and 2 slippers and shoes. Rubberbands? Dun need to say la hor. Hairband? 10? Haha! Because i still remember last year, how i got really obssesed on trying to get all the colours possible for hairbands. For no reason. So now ive got like ALOT! Heh.. And though i have alot of tees i guess one can never have enough tees. So i wun say i have many. But i need more. Yeah! But what i REALLY need now is a new shoe bag. I dun like the Pioneer one and it kind stinks since the induction camp. So yeah.

My very own collection. Taken at the beginning of this year. With lesser earrings(i think). HAHA.

And now, i wanna sleep. Its past one am. And im tired. I know the time shows that i updated at 12.05 and thats like an hour ago. But no, i dont take that long to update. Its just that ive got this blasted habit of side-tracking each time i update. So i'll go friendster-ing and blog-hopping in the midstof updating and prolly only realise that i haven finish updating half an hour later. HAHA! 

Things will work out. I'm sure. I'd say, better make a good decision. Something you wun regret yeah. And you know if you need to talk, I'm JUST a call away! <3

So okay. I really wanna sleep now. Nights!  

But with you it's like the first day of my life

Morning WORLD!

Twin scared me yesterday. I wanted to cry arh! Glad you feel better today.

And Miss Universe on tv! Ven's my favourite. I think she's like hot and gorgeous all at the same time. Miss India's not bad either. The host's is like hot hot hot too. :DDD

Okay enough of that la. I have more important things on my mind. OMFG! I still cant believe what i heard! HAHAHAHA! lIKE OMG x 1234567890! Sya, you know what im talking about. I cant imagine yo! I just wanna laugh and laugh and laugh. Although i dunno why it seems so impossible and all. But yeah. Its daaaaaamn appaling!

And i cant wait for class BBQ. Its such a bummer that Lee's not coming,. Nvm i still have my Mario, Haris and Farid. Meeting Jims before that for i dunno what reason. That idiot wants to eat Gelare although i have no money. 

And! Andrew is damn cute. Texted him this morning.

Andrew: Haha.. Thanks ms survival.. =)

So yeah,


Never thought he would come up with that. Hurhur.

Just tell me where it hurts now baby.

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